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Emily Diedrick


Oliver Diedrick


Discovered Designs creates custom laser-engraved goods designed, manufactured and handcrafted in Minnesota, USA! With a focus on signs and curated promotional products for corporate and personal gifting, we work directly with you to ensure your brand or idea creates a lasting impression for those receiving it.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Emily, and I initially started this business as a creative outlet from my full-time day job spending my weekends with my husband upcycling old furniture into beautiful, modern pieces. My experience working in event management, sponsorships and marketing exposed my passion for elevating brands through unique and personalized experiences and products. Now, I am the full-time owner and operator of Discovered Designs, where we focus on corporate branded gifts and wholesale projects with unique, curated designs. I am involved in every step of the creative process, from brainstorming to designing to  handcrafting the items. I am ready to work with you bring your brand and ideas to life! 

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