Early spring decor ideas and our brand new reflective signs!

Happy May Day!
Welcome to my favorite month of the year - It includes our anniversary, Mother's Day AND my birthday. It also means Spring has finally arrived (at least according to the calendar), and here in Minnesota, we're eagerly waiting for the last remnants of the large snow piles to melt away, making way for blooming trees, warmer weather and colorful flowers. We planted over 600 tulip bulbs last fall so we are quite excited to see how they do, we will provide an update next month! Although the weather outside may still be a bit cold, we have been busy launching many exciting new products for spring. We are particularly thrilled to have recently debuted our reflective line of signs, perfect for brightening up any space with a touch of warmth and light. We are also excited to share some early spring decorating tips that you can start using right now.
Our First Tulip starting to Bloom! April 30th
New reflective signs
We are so excited to finally offer reflective signs to our customers, adding to the variety of products we already have. We've had so many requests over the last few years, and we're thrilled to be able to meet them! We are proud that our products are now made with the same 3M reflective material used for traffic signs. Quality that you can trust, Made in USA! Our reflective signs are available on our website, Amazon, and Etsy - make sure to check them out!
Early Spring Decor Ideas
Now that we've said goodbye to winter, it's time to start shifting our mindsets into spring! Even though outside is still cold and windy, there are plenty of ways you can bring the feeling of spring indoors.
Saying goodbye to winter and welcoming spring home doesn't have to be a daunting task! To prepare for the upcoming season all you have to do is start small. Get into the groove by taking down any winter & holiday decorations and store them away carefully. As you set aside the evergreen, birch sticks, and holiday gnomes you may be feeling excited and ready for some fresh new decor! Why not take a walk around your home to get an idea of where that new artwork or centerpiece will fit perfectly? Try moving around some small house plants, picture frames or even a lamp. Sometimes just by moving things around the room gives it new fresh look. Burn a citrus candle and breathe new life into your space.
Drawing inspiration from far-off places doesn't have to be expensive or complicated - just look to your bright and vibrant pillow selection! Switching up the colors like yellow, pink and turquoise is an easy way to make any room feel refreshed and energized. Add some pizzazz to your living room with a bold, yellow pillow or bring positivity into your bedroom with a cheerful, pink one. With these colors, you can make any space feel more alive in no time! It's such an affordable way to instantly add joyfulness to your home.
Bring a little extra springtime cheer to your home this year with a bright and cheery wreath! Not only is it a classic, welcoming touch, but it's also an easy way to get your property looking its best before the season kicks in full gear. And if you want something special for everyone who comes by your front door, we have American-made welcome signs for just $20 - the perfect addition to any wreath display. Soon enough buds will start opening up on our trees, and the flowers will be blooming - let's all keep pushing through until then!
Emily & Derrick

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