Getting to know Emily & Derrick

Learning about the duo behind Discovered Designs
We are Emily and Derrick Diedrick the husband-and-wife team behind Discovered Designs, a women owned small business specializing in high quality & modern home decor products. We take pride in all of our products being designed and made by us in Minnesota. Even though we have grown, it has been important to us that we avoid sourcing products from overseas to ensure that you get a premium quality product with unmatched customer service. We know our customers love that we can offer personalized products quickly.
"We take pride in all of our products being designed and made by us in Minnesota."
Emily started the business three years ago, establishing a brand through the challenging times of a pandemic. She succeeded despite through supply chain issues, lockdowns, and consumer demand changes. Emily has a degree in sales, marketing and advertising from the University of Minnesota. She excels in driving the direction of the Discovered Designs brand to provide high quality products and amazing customer service. When you contact Discovered Designs, know that you will always reach Emily and she will love to hear from you!
This past year Derrick has joined the business full time after leaving a career in construction management. This transition has truly made Discovered Designs our family business. Derrick has been able to bring incredible efficiency that has allowed us to scale our production with limited labor and space. This gives us the ability to continue growing while still getting custom orders out within 1-2 days.
Derrick also helps with maintenance of our equipment and moving around materials on his new forklift.
Personal Life
It all started with an accidental meeting as freshmen in Architecture school at the University of Minnesota. We both eventually made a switch to different career paths, but stayed together and eventually tied-the-knot nine years ago! Now we live with our two kids and trusty pup in Hopkins Minnesota.
Did you know when things first kicked off between us, we ran small book business selling on Amazon out of our dorm room? Crazy to think it was just the start of something much bigger now...
Our life is full of adventures with our two kiddos—from discovering yummy new restaurants to traveling with our family. We love fueling up on a good cup of coffee while making signs…especially when those sleep-deprived nights hit!
We can't wait to show you what we've got cooking! We'll keep ya posted with fun stories and awesome products on Facebook & Instagram. Come hang out with us, it's gonna be a blast!
Emily & Derrick

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