How Amazon Fueled Our Small Business's Growth: A Discovered Designs Story

In a world where the narrative often leans towards the dominance of large companies like Amazon harming the growth of small businesses, our journey at Discovered Designs tells a different story. Our recent panel discussion in St. Cloud, Minnesota, with Amazon, shed light on a narrative that isn't heard often enough. It's a story of collaboration, growth, and the support of business opportunities. Our experience is a testament to how Amazon has been instrumental in our growth, helping us navigate the challenges of limited capital and distribution logistics, to expand not just across the United States but around the globe.

The Misconception: Amazon vs. Small Business

It's a common belief that giants like Amazon hurting small business. The fear is that they monopolize the market, making it impossible for the little guys to survive, let alone thrive. However, our experience with Amazon paints a different picture. Instead of being an adversary, Amazon has been a catalyst for our growth. This narrative was the cornerstone of our discussion in St. Cloud, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between Amazon and small businesses like ours.  We were invited to discuss our Amazon story along with other Minnesota businesses using Amazon to expand their business.


Limited Capital, Unlimited Growth

For many small businesses, the roadblocks to growth are often capital and distribution. Discovered Designs was no different. We started with a vision but faced the daunting challenge of limited resources. This is where Amazon stepped in, transforming our potential into reality. By leveraging Amazon's platform, we were able to access a vast marketplace without the need for hefty investments in physical stores or warehouses. The e-commerce giant enabled us to showcase our products to millions of customers with minimal upfront costs, something that would have been unimaginable even a few years ago.

Easing Distribution Complexities

One of Amazon's most significant contributions to our growth has been in simplifying the complexities of distribution. Navigating logistics can be a nightmare for small businesses, especially those looking to reach customers beyond their local geography. Amazon's sophisticated distribution network allowed us to sell our products across the United States and around the world without the logistical nightmares. This ease of distribution has not only expanded our market reach but also significantly improved our operational efficiency.

A Vote of Confidence from Amazon

Our panel discussion in St. Cloud was more than just an event; it was a vote of confidence from Amazon in the potential of small businesses. It provided us with a platform to share our journey, challenges, and successes, highlighting how Amazon's ecosystem supports small business growth. This dialogue was crucial in seeing that Amazon truly does want to help small businesses grow.


Looking Ahead

Our journey with Amazon has been transformative, to say the least. It has allowed us to dream bigger, reach farther, and grow faster than we ever thought possible. As we look to the future, we are excited about the possibilities that this partnership holds. Our growth story with Amazon at its core is a testament to what small businesses can achieve with the right support and resources.

This year we are excited to continue expanding on Amazon with new products and new markets including Canada and Europe.

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