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Benefits of Weatherproof Signage in Snowy or Hot Extreme Climates

Temperature changes, humidity, rain and even fog can destroy your sign's appearance and compromise its structure throughout the year. Below, we discuss how weather affects standard signage and the benefits of waterproof signage in extreme climates.

How Snowy Climates Affect Standard Signage

Freezing temperatures, snow, rain, strong winds, frost and sleet can damage standard signage. Here are several ways snowy climates affect signage:

Rain and fog: The biggest issue with rain and fog is moisture accumulation. Moisture could seep in between a sign's panels, and the metal can rust if it is not protected.

Snow, ice and frost: There are several ways in which snow, ice and frost cause problems. Snow can weigh down your signage because it is heavy and can leave your products damp when it melts. Ice and frost also cause moisture buildup, warp and deteriorate wood.

Cold: Extreme temperature changes can cause wood to change shape and warp.

How Extremely Hot Climates Affect Standard Signage

Like with cold weather, there are various ways sweltering climates can damage standard signage, including:

Discoloration: When a wood sign is exposed to the sun, it will often become discolored. Sunlight fades the color from your sign, causing it to look older and weakening its structure.

Cracking: Temperature increases are particularly harmful to signs. Heat causes the material to dry out and become brittle. As a result, your sign may gradually crackle away. Even if you have painted over aluminum signage, the paint or wood may crack.

The Solution: Weatherproof Signage

Choosing the highest-quality weatherproof sign is the best method to avoid damage to your signage. There are many benefits to weatherproof signs, including the following:

Durability: Weatherproof signage can resist constant pressure from all weather conditions. It can withstand rain, wind, snow and sunlight and is also designed to resist corrosion, mold formation and UV radiation damage, such as fading. Furthermore, the signage surface will not warp or crack even under scorching temperatures.

Save money: Signs last longer if they are made of higher quality. Although you may need to pay more upfront, you will be making a better investment because you will not have to replace signage as frequently.

High-Quality, Handmade Weatherproof Signs

If you do not have time to make your outdoor sign weatherproof. Discovered Designs can help with any project, and they accomplish it with impeccable craftsmanship, professional service and quality materials. Please contact us today if you need a sign that will last through extreme climates.

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