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Decorating With the Color of the Year

For the past two decades, Pantone, the originator of the Pantone Matching System, has hosted an international Institute determining a Color of the Year. The year's color is used by companies worldwide in planning designs and upcoming products. For example, the color of the year for 2023 is called Viva Magenta. Viva Magenta is a shade of red inspired by the red of cochineal, a dye created from insects found in the Americas. Fashion and home interior designers clearly find the color of the year helpful, but how can the average home decorator use it?

Why a Color of the Year?

One look at a photo of a home with rusts, marigold, avocado green and shag carpet can tell you that the home was decorated in the 1970s. Similarly, an office with chairs that look like they shipped directly from the set of the Jetsons in bright psychedelic patterns hints at origins from the '60s. The '80s were fond of big floral patterns in muted colors of peach, moss, mauve and taupe. Each color palette can reflect the global culture at the time, and the color of the year is chosen to express the mood of current society.

Red has long been seen as a color of courage and power, as well as passion and danger. As a result, reds attract attention more than other colors and can also be associated with seduction and sins. It's a color often used in small doses to make a statement, but it can also be quite striking, as in a cherry red car or stunning red dress.

Update Décor in 2023 with a Splash

Recent years have seen a return to more neutral colors in home decorating, which can lend itself to easy updating. There's no need to repaint the whole house each year; just a splash of color here and there can bring new life to a room or the whole home. There are a variety of ways the color of the year can be used:

  • New valences or curtains with a touch of color

  • Throw pillows on the couch, chair or bed

  • Pieces of art, whether purchased or self-made, can be a fun way to add some color each season

  • Small Americana-style wall quilts or other hangings add a special homemade look to any room

  • Ribbons used strategically around vases or a selection of books, and

  • The dining room table with new napkins or a table runner is a quick way to update before company arrives.

There are many ways to freshen a home's look with the simple addition of a splash of color and new items handmade in America. Refreshing colors each year or season can brighten an individual's mood but also helps artisans and crafters keep our economy healthy. If part of your home refresh includes a welcome sign or new home numbers, contact Discovered Designs for quality, affordable hand-crafted signs.

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