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All standard size orders will ship in 1-3 business days excluding USPS holidays.  Orders ship via USPS Priority Mail from Minnesota.  Depending on your distance from Minnesota USPS claims a 1-3 day delivery time.  There are always factors that may delay USPS from delivering on time (weather, events, holiday overload, etc) but 95% of the time they deliver within the quoted time.


All of our shipping is always FREE.  We know it is important to our customers to know the real cost of an item they are purchasing.  

Tracking is provided in an email for all orders.

If delays are encountered with USPS let us know and we will work with them to find your package and get it delivered.  We ask for a little time to give them the opportunity to deliver.  If they are not making progress or have lost the package we will work with you to get you a replacement sent out.


We care about our customers and want you to be happy with your sign so you tell everyone else to check out our store.  We appreciate your sale and it means the world to us.  We will always work with you to fix any concerns you have. 

If you want to cancel or change your order before we make it we will happily do so at no charge.  The best way to get a hold of us is email or by phone.  Remember most signs begin production the day after you place your order.

If your sign arrives damaged from USPS please send us a photo including the box & product damage.  We will send you out a new one at no cost.

In general our signs are all custom made so we are unable to restock any product without there being an issue.  If there is something you are not happy with we want to hear about it so we can correct it.

If you accidentally order the wrong number or orientation of a sign don't feel bad.  This happens more often than you may think.  If we fulfilled the order correctly we will typically offer a significant discount on a corrected sign so we are able to cover the costs of material and shipping to get you a new one.  We assess each situation individually to find the best solution for the customer.

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